TheĀ British Society for Mental Health and Deafness (BSMHD)
is the only UK charity that focuses entirely on the promotion of positive mental health of Deaf people

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BSMHD is a membership organisation

BSMHD is a membership organisation.
Because of GDPR regulations any organisation holding personal information is required to inform you of the following:
  • We must communicate clearly with you
  • You have access to the information we have on you
  • You have the right to change the information if factually wrong
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  • You can restrict how we process your information
  • We must notify you that we have this information
  • We need to inform you when this information will be deleted
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  • You can object to us - BSMHD having any information about you
  • You have the right to request that we do not subject your information to automatic decision making without your permission