Paint and Draw the new logo!

Here’s a new competition!

Open to Deaf children and young people and Deaf adults.  What’s it about?  It is a competition to name a group and design a logo for a new group about Deaf mental health research. This group are all Deaf and want Deaf people involved to learn more about Deaf mental health.   But they need a new name and logo.  Think you can do this?  Why not send your entries in? For more information look at this: 
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Mental Health video resources in Scotland

Mental Health Video Resources with Deaf Links, Deaf Scotland, ITV Signpost, See Me and SAHM

BSMHD would like to thank DeafLinks for sharing these videos about mental health for people to watch. Out Of My Head: The Faces of Mental Health: It’s Good To Talk: Health Overarching:
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pandemic news

Impact of Covid-19 on Deaf people with additional problems

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) have experienced difficulties in accessing health and social care. Written by Kevin Baker and Paul Redfern. Full text articles can be found here.
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Welcome to the September Newsletter First - an apology, this Newsletter should have been in August but there was very little news to report.   But we have big news to report - here it is! Watch this Space!  Book into your Diaries now! BSMHD has teamed up with St Andrews Healthcare to launch our Conference next June.  It will probably be on 29th June 2021 - so book that into your diaries. The theme of the Conference is "Trauma".  If anyone is interested in ...
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Newsletters for July 2020

Welcome to the July Newsletter First, congratulations to one of our Trustees, James Watson-O’Neill who won the ‘Charity Leader of the Month – July’ award from Cause 4.  He won this for his work with SignHealth in promoting better access to information about Covid-19 and better access to health services.  See: A big clap for James! Second – BSMHD has received a letter from the Black Deaf UK Facebook Group directed at the British Deaf Association (BDA) asking for greater representation of the ...
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Newsletter – June 2020 Newsletter - June 2020 Welcome to our June Newsletter.  We have been busy, creating four Guidance documents for professional workers to try and remind them that there are Deaf people out there who depend on access to their services. The first was for GPs, the second for Emergency teams, the third for Hospital managers, and finally the last for Social Care. We have had a good response from quite a few organisations and we very much hope that they ...
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